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Because grocery shopping starts at home, when you run out of something, you need an application that starts there too.  Now there is a better way to shop, a grocery application that mirrors how you shop. The Shop 'n Stock application is more than a fancy shopping list application.  It's a grocery management application that facilitates every aspect of the grocery shopping cycle, from consumption through replenishment.  

  • It's About What You Need: And only what you need! The average home has 300 to 500 grocery items. With Shop 'n Stock there is no list of 10,000 to 130,000 items to wade through to create your favorites list.  Your list is created automatically based upon the products you actually use.
  • Saving Time: No matter how you shop for groceries,  Shop 'n Stock makes it quicker and easier by managing your home inventory, automatically generating shopping lists based upon usage and automatically replenishing inventory all with a few simple taps.  
  • Saving Money: You can shop from home and have your groceries delivered if your local grocer provides that service and is a Shop 'n Stock partner. Store coupons can be downloaded for inclusion in your in-store or on-line shopping list so you don't have to worry about forgetting them.
  • Inventory Management: There is no longer a need to remember what you have at home and what you need to replace, Shop 'n Stock does it for you automatically. Return from shopping and automatically stock your groceries into your home inventory from the shopping cart that was automatically created as you shopped.
  • In-store Shopping: Dynamic categories allow you to see only the items in the aisle you are in without the need to do anything special when going from one store to another.  As you fill your physical shopping cart, Shop 'n Stock is doing the same.
  • Online Shopping: Got better things to do than go to the store for those commonly used non-perishables?  Using all the same features on Shop 'n Stock, you can send your shopping list to your online grocer and track the status of your order while you get other things done.  Pick it up when its ready or have it delivered.

  • Automated In-store Shopping:  Coming soon to a neighborhood near you...  Shop 'n Stock has the ability to replace the "In-store automated shopping cart".  Using Wifi or the data network, you will be able to facilitate shopping and express checkout by having Shop 'n Stock's shopping cart sent to the grocer's system.

  • Personalized Grocery Shopping: By having an account with your grocer you can receive personalized services such as coupons and notifications of specials, based on your previous purchases, sent directly to Shop 'n Stock.  No more hunting through the paper for coupons and wondering which items are on sale!

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