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The biggest problem with grocery shopping is knowing what you need when you are preparing a grocery list. The ever looming question of what you need this time has been answered by Shop 'n Stock. By keeping track of what you have, it always knows what you need. Taking that a step further, if you tell Shop 'n Stock when you want to replenish something by telling it how many you want to keep on hand, Shop 'n Stock will automatically generate a reorder list that you can load into your active shopping list. When you discard an item, which can be done with a simple tap, Shop 'n Stock will check the inventory level set for that item to determine if it is time to reorder it.

Your first reaction might be that you do not want to have to keep track of your home inventory.  It will take too much time and effort to make sure you enter every item you purchase and consume.  Not necessary!  Shop 'n Stock is doing the work for you.  Once you have set things up, you will be amazed at how little effort it requires for you, to keep a perpetual inventory because of the  automatic reordering and automatic shopping cart stocking built into Shop 'n Stock.  It is as if you have someone else managing your grocery shopping for you -- and you do!



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